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08/02  Exclusive distributorship in China
08/10  Availability short pimple rubber NUGGET
12/11  Official distributor in Taiwan - Sertec Corporation
14/07  Enjoy your holidays!
05/07  Gold Medal at European Veterans Championship for Dr.Herbert Neubauer!
   The company

Dr Neubauer LTD was founded as early as 2002 with the aim to bring new and fresh ideas into the table tennis market.

There is still considerable room for technological improvement in our sport despite increasingly strict regulations.

We had become world leader in the segment of frictionless long pimples within very short time thanks to the development and launch of a total of seven rubbers with astounding effects.
Following the general ban of this rubber type in July 2008 we have launched four new revolutionary Anti-Spin rubbers that have set a new benchmark in terms of disruptive effect.

They enable a very effective game especially while blocking close to the table but also through aggressive pushing and lifting on backspin as well as while defending.

Moreover we managed to manufacture four outstanding short and half-long pimple rubbers. The first was designed for attacking and puts a lot of spin on the ball, whereas the other produces a disruptive effect while blocking and hitting that will cause problems to your opponent. The third rubber is a milestone in the development of this rubber type since it provides outstanding attacking possibilities with a lot of control thanks to a very soft yet highly dynamic sponge. The fourth rubber – with half-long pimples – also provides a good control however it is most effective in terms of disruptive effect produced while blocking and straight hitting. Also the rubber enables to lift and hit through very easily against chopped balls.

Furthermore we carry two long pimpled rubbers with friction in our product range that offer good playing characteristics for both allround and defence players as well as for an aggressive game close to the table. The fast allround rubber enables not only classic blocking but also counter-attacking on topspin balls.

Our selection of rubbers has been rounded up by four innovative reversed rubbers that cover all type of games, starting with classic defence up to aggressive topspin shots.

On top of this we have developed a total of seven blades as a result of tedious testing procedures. They all offer a very good control and represent – depending on the blade – a great match for each of our rubbers. Also nearly all of our blades are very light in weight and thus help keeping your joints in good condition.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products in terms of quality and playing characteristics.

We will do our utmost to keep being innovative especially for rubbers but also for blades and other product segments.

We encourage you to visit our website regularly in order to be informed about our latest products, developments and news.

All products promoted with our name have been extensively tested and approved by Dr Herbert Neubauer personally.

Our team wishes you success and fun at our favorite sport.

Carsten Neubauer

Heidi Albert and Sylvia Messer

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