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12/11  Official distributor in Taiwan - Sertec Corporation
14/07  Enjoy your holidays!
05/07  Gold Medal at European Veterans Championship for Dr.Herbert Neubauer!
04/07  BUFFALO in stock, VIPER and KILLER PRO available in August
12/06  Official distributor Mr. Tang Jiwei/China
   Welcome to Dr Neubauer Table Tennis

Welcome to Dr. Neubauer Table Tennis,

the specialist for pimples and Anti-Spin!



Long pimples:


The soft alternative!

VIPER SOFT is a new development with even softer pimples.
The rubber produces a low bouncing, wobbly ball both while blocking passively and for chop-blocking.
The new rubber formula also allows for more backspin while chopping from behind the table.
Furthermore we managed to keep the outstanding attacking possibilities of VIPER for this new version, thus creating a long pimple rubber that excels in a variety of fields.

VIPER SOFT: Give it a try!

Available as from now with 0X (no sponge), 0.6 and 1.0mm!

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Anti Spin rubber:


The latest generation of Anti-Spin rubbers sets a new benchmark!

We have managed to further enhance the effectiveness of Anti-Spin rubbers while blocking close to the table with our new Anti-Spin rubber BISON.
Excellent spin reversal can be achieved especially while blocking against topspin shots. Also BISON sets a new standard in the field of completely frictionless Anti-Spin rubbers on account of its ability to return the ball very short over the net.
BISON can be used both on classic "combination" blades as well as on fast and stiff offensive blades thanks to the absorption power of its dampening sponge that will literally "kill" the speed of the oncoming ball.

Dr.Neubauer BISON: The new benchmark for blocking close to the table

Available as from now in 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8mm!

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Anti Spin rubber:


The first offensive frictionless Anti Spin rubber

POWER ATTACK is a new type of Anti-Spin rubber that not only provides the effectiveness of a completely frictionless surface but also allows for highly interesting attacking possibilities.
The rubber produces good spin reversal while blocking against topspin.
Furthermore as opposed to all other Anti-Spin rubbers with frictionless surface POWER ATTACK enables to put pressure on your opponent through active counter-attacking. This way the rubber allows for both disruptive blocking and active counter-attacking and hitting.

POWER ATTACK: The powerful Anti-Spin weapon!

Available as from now in 1.5, 1.8, 2.0mm!

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Reversed rubber:


High dynamics and maximum spin

Our fast inverted rubber DOMINATION SPEED was enhanced to comply with new plastic ball requirements.
The topsheet is unchanged and still produces a maximum of rotation, both while serving and of course while looping (topspin). Its very grippy surface provides good control.
The decisive breakthrough in the development of DOMINATION SPEED2 was achieved with the sponge: Thanks to its special properties it is quite soft yet allows for both high speed and the faculty to extend the contact time between the rubber and the ball, thus imparting a maximum of rotation to the plastic ball.

This makes DOMINATION SPEED2 a highly effective weapon for a modern offensive game.

Available as from now in 1.5, 1.8, 2.1mm!

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Half-long pimples:


The disruptive weapon with half-long pimples

AGGRESSOR is a completely new pimple-out development with 2 particularities:
To start with AGGRESSOR comes with a completely new pimple geometry. The pimples are just as long as those of long pimple rubbers thus producing considerable disruptive effect while blocking, counter-attacking and straight hitting. At the same time the ball is being "slowed down" for all passive strokes.
Its second distinctive feature is the rubber formula used. It is similar to the one used for our short pimple rubbers KILLER and KILLER PRO however we have slightly altered it to fit the requirements of longer pimples.
This results in a rubber that is easy to control and producing good disruptive effect throughout the game. Also it can be used for a variety of attacking shots such as counter-attacking, lifting and straight hitting.

AGGRESSOR: The new disruptive pimple-out alternative

Available as from September 2016 in 1.3, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0mm!

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ALL blade for combination players:


The ultimate weapon for pimple-out/Anti-Spin rubbers

JACKPOT is a decisive enhancement for many long pimple or Anti-Spin players thanks to a perfectly balanced plywood composition and a new lamination procedure, ensuring excellent results when used with this type of rubbers.
Both the spin reversal obtained while blocking with frictionless Anti-Spin rubbers and the wobbly ball produced by long pimples set a new benchmark: The speed of the ball can be reduced considerably thus ensuring maximum effectiveness with special rubbers.
JACKPOT does not consist of balsa yet offers formidable control. On top of that it provides good attacking possibilities with reversed rubbers so that both an active and highly disruptive game can be produced with any type of pimple-out and Anti-Spin rubber on the other side.

Available as from now with straight, flared, anatomic and Chinese penhold handle

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OFF- blade:


Power, efficacy and control

This enhanced version of our popular OFF- blade WORLD CHAMPION comes with 2 additional layers of carbon fiber. This makes the blade a bit stiffer so that an even more powerful and precise topspin game can be produced.
Control remains surprisingly high on account of a special heat treatment. Also the blade still provides quite a soft "feeling" despite the use of carbon.
The stability gained by the use of fiber material also makes WORLD CHAMPION CARBON a formidable weapon for use with special rubbers, both for attacking with fast pimple-out rubbers and for blocking with slow long pips or Anti-Spin rubbers.

WORLD CHAMPION CARBON: The new preferred choice for a modern attacking game with any kind of rubber

Available as from now with straight, flared, anatomic and Chinese penhold handle

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Dr. Herbert Neubauer
Photo: David Pech
Dr. Herbert Neubauer: a short description
  • 7 times World Veterans Champion
  • 6 times European Veterans Champion
  • 4 Gold Medals at the World Senior Games in St George/USA
  • 2 Gold Medals at the European Master Games in Malmö/Sweden
  • 61 Gold Medals at Swiss Championships
On the occasion of the World Veterans Championship in Hohhot/China: Dr.Herbert Neubauer reached the quarter final (4 wins in a row against Chinese players and a defeat against the fifth Chinese player, who used to be part of the Chinese national team).

Silver medal in doubles with Wolfgang Schmidt.

Dr. Neubauer plays with:

Combination # 1:
Against strong loopers, where short blocking is most important: Combination # 2:
Against allround players, where more speed is required for counter-attacking and hitting on the forehand:

Long pimples with friction:


The extraordinary Allround-Weapon

ALLROUND PREMIUM comes with an unusual geometry since the pimples are distributed vertically. In combination with new rubber components this produces an astounding effect, both for the active and for the passive game.
Probably the first disruptive rubber that enables aggressive blocking and even hitting and counter-looping against topspin shots.
ALLROUND PREMIUM also excels at passive shots:
The ball bounces very low and even tends to "dive" on the other side of the table, all of this combined with an excellent control.
ALLROUND PREMIUM is available with the following sponge thickness choice:
OX (no sponge), 0.6, 1.0 and 1.3mm

In stock!

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You will find several playing techniques being performed with our new rubber Allround Premium in the following new video:

KILLER Short pimples:


Short pimples with astounding disruptive effect

KILLER is a combination of short and medium pimpled rubbers that merges the best characteristics from both rubber types:
KILLER provides very good attacking possibilities and is thus an outstanding choice for a modern pimple-out game close to the table. The rubber fulfils all necessary requirements for fast counter-attacking and strong hitting.
The decisive factor is the disruptive effect obtained. The rubber is more disruptive than most other short pimple rubbers and produces a very low bounce.
Control is excellent and enables the player to "feel" the ball at all times.

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You will find several playing techniques being performed with our new rubber KILLER in the following new video:

HERCULES Combination blade:


The ultimate combination blade

HERCULES is "the" new benchmark for combination blades.
It is made of a unique plywood composition which includes - among others - the legendary Kiso-Hinoki wood and a new type of artificial fiber.
HERCULES is a match for pimple-out and Anti-Spin rubber of any type.
It is the downright perfect weapon for highly disruptive balls while blocking close to the table, the ball can be returned very short and tends to "dive" considerably.
This "allround" blade also comes with a very good control that provides an excellent feeling for the ball at all times.
The blade can also be used for strong hitting and fast looping with offensive rubbers to put pressure on your opponent.
HERCULES: A real poison for your opponent!

In stock!

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PHENOMENON Combination blade:


Amazing control for combination bat players

PHENOMENON is our second new development in the field of combination blades.
It is also characterised by a highly disruptive effect when used with pimple-out and Anti-Spin rubbers.
The blade produces a very low bounce while blocking with the corresponding rubber thus making it difficult for the opponent to launch his next attack.
The other excellent feature of this blade is its control.
PHENOMENON not only provides modern combination bat players with the required effectiveness while blocking close to the table, but also with a superb feeling for the ball.
This way a both disruptive and consistent game can be produced close to the table.
This allround blade also comes with enough speed for attacking shots such as counter-attacking, hitting and looping (topspin).
PHENOMENON: The new symbiosis of disruptive effect and control!

In stock as from appr. early/middle of July 2013

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